Dec 27, 2019 · In the log I can clearly see that “$mainExitCode” is “3010” because I’ve set it. But script still exists with zero (0) [Post-Uninstallation] :: Main Exit Code should be 3010. Main Exit Code is: 3010 (<- from variable $mainExitCode) [Post-Uninstallation] :: SymantecEndpointProtectionUninstall Uninstallation completed with exit code [0]..

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Powershell exit code 3010

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Return a custom exit code Exit-Script -ExitCode 69004 #this code to indicate a reboot is pending on this machine, and installation cannot proceed. Exit-Script -ExitCode 69001 #this code to indicate correct .NET Framework version is not installed. Exit-Script -ExitCode 69002 #this code to indicate user clicked to install PowerShell later. Nov 25, 2021 · Hi @Arslanayoob . Try this code to install Power BI Desktop by Power Shell. <# .SYNOPSIS This script performs the installation or uninstallation of Microsoft Power BI. 1. Exit Keyword. PowerShell Exit Keyword should be used carefully because it can terminate function, console, or even the editors. If the Exit keyword is used in the functions and the main script, it closes everything and you may not get a chance to see the output in the console if not stored before the Exit Keyword is used. Function ExitTest {..

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Or click the Tools under the console. And then click Distribution and Distribution Packages. Select "Return code template manager" under the Distribution Packages toolbar. And then revise the "Default non MSI-Template" and add 3010 as a success plus the message Reboot required. Click to save the changes you made.. "/>. 2022-7-2 · Change Log 24.09.2018: added Prevent an unexpected MSI repair from launching. 12.10.2018: added Prevent the splash screen "Citrix Receiver is now Citrix Workspace App" from showing.Thanks to Thorsten Enderlein for bringing this to my attention.27.12.2018: updated article and complete installation script to version 1812 released on the 14th of December 2018.

Obviously, exit code 0 in PowerShell can signify anything from "the script ran perfectly" to "your script is so utterly broken that PowerShell will be uninstalled". One might argue that this is the correct behavior, because PowerShell did its job successfully (running a script), but that the script was incorrect, and that's not. naruto betrayed by kami fanfiction. claude x athanasia fanfiction. ico statistics 2021.

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Thanks for the reply (sorry the alerts on replies don't seem to work anymore). I have tried punching out an exit code aswell but the intune engine does not seem to accept these codes and act accordingly hence the post above. These would have a null code and therefore not register correctly. detroit series 60 14l cylinder head; narcissists of.

$Inst = Start-Process -FilePath "$Root\files\PoaInstaller.exe" -ArgumentList "/s" -PassThru $Inst.WaitForExit () Write-Output $Inst.ExitCode Exit $Inst.ExitCode Write-Output is sending a 3010 code, but if Exit is sending a 3010 code then CM isn't seeing it as a 3010.

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